42 tahun Margahayuland

25 Mei

Mosque, with traditional Moroccan ornaments, surrounded the mosque, a beautiful pool and a harmonious family support facilities. Public Square, the center of activity that provides a variety of community needs. Square was built with the concept of a spacious and comfortable 42 tahun Margahayuland and the center of activities and events: gymnastics, yoga, aerobics or brisk walking. Square Water, and a cool garden with pond, designed to relax after a tiring day. Access 24 hours non-stop transportation and many other products that have been successfully handled by Margahayuland. The Company will not continue to stop the construction of dwellings in Indonesia. Already more than 40,000 housing units or other housing products are willing to stay in Indonesia. It is always inherent in the way Margahayu ground from time to time.

Seperrti what has been said earlier in the review of information management Margahayuland not say it enough to be a full review of regulatory information for all of the details presented here are only a small part of the journey and the extent of the greatness and success Margahayu PT Arabia for 42 years. It will not be a journey 42 years in the plate in a single article for it For more information Margahayuland sejelasnya could pass under the supervisor’s Contact Details Bandung Jl. Soekarno-Hatta Jakarta, Indonesia 638 40292 Tel. (022) 756 2088 Fax. (022) 756 2085 Jakarta Menara Anugrah Office Park Unit E3.3 A3 Jl. Mega Kuningan Lot 8.6 to 8.7 Setyabody Jakarta 12950 Tel. (021) 578 5254 0 Fax. (021) 578 5254 1 Margahayuland 42 years to build a shelter,


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