caraku23 Margahayuland

25 Mei

Not only the building of origin, but Margahayuland (PT Kingdom Margahayu) is committed to preserving the environment and become part of the part of the overall real estate development in Indonesia. Margahayuland developers confidence that has 42 years of product build properties in West Java, caraku23 Margahayuland Jakarta and Bali is the air base at Jl. 638 Soekarno-Hatta, Bandung, Indonesia 40 292 from time to time and continue to improve itself constantly to achieve my goal to become a leading national ownership and reliable, which focuses on the development of profitable business through the concept, design and innovative technology with focus on adding value and satisfaction of stakeholders.

Margahayuland journey started from scratch 42 years ago, precisely on February 11, 1971 Djoeliah Purwita final, infallible Sudrad and Drs. Jagat Prianta Purwita MBA founded the company. At that time, a new company was born and started a business in the field of construction services and general trading, before deciding to move the main focus in housing construction in 1979. So, when the group produced MargahayuLand, and since then, MargahayuLand new, rebuilt the company, has developed more than 40,000 residential and commercial units scattered in Bandung, Karawang, Bekasi, Bogor and Cirebon. As a company that has 42 years of professional experience in the real estate sector,


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