Margahayuland terbaik

25 Mei

When I tried to track down the source of a variety of media on the Internet and the media, and the company is very well known and already familiar to the most common Royal penghoby Services. Doing research in different parts of the news sites, property and construction and forums, and social media gives maanfaat Margahayuland great for me to know the complete file Margahayuland group. Comments that came after a very constructive and participate in the development of my smile when I finished reading. Who Margahayuland? Questions like these are often read before knowing for sure who exactly Margahayuland. At first sight like that in the name of the only inhabited island of women, "How can such a presence clarity, Maine?" Hehe,

PT Raya Margahayu successfully received the award include: Al-residential construction completion modest first State Savings Bank, 1984 Gold Star Quality in 1988 CIEMIP Europe, Spain Gold Cup for the "lead", 1988 CIEMIp, Spain Company for Urban Development exemplary in Bandung PT . Social Welfare Council, and in 1990 the development of a simple health home Plopor (RS healthy RSH) from the Ministry of Settlement and Regional Infrastructure Working RI 2003 Associate healthy development of a simple house (RSH Hospital healthy


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